Going From Bad to Worse?

Out with the old…

Schmidt out of running for fifth starter’s spot

Joe Torre made that pronouncement BEFORE today’s game, which means before Jason took the mound. The rationale is that Schmidt’s pitch count isn’t progressing and that he needed the extra day off between starts. He isn’t expected to throw more than 35-40 pitches today, roughly the same number he threw last Monday against Texas.
“I would say at this juncture … there is no way we can count on him for that right now, just because of the fact we are in that period of less than three weeks until opening day.”

And in with the… also old?

martinez_p.jpgWhile the Dodgers may be the most likely landing spot for Cooperstown-bound pitcher Pedro Martinez, the Mets can’t quite be ruled out yet. The Dodgers’ situation at the back end of their rotation may actually be even more dire. “We need another starter,” one Dodgers official said, flat out.

Right now Eric Milton, Claudio Vargas and James McDonald are among several candidates for the Dodgers’ No. 5 starting job, but 20-year-old phenom Clayton Kershaw, who’s penciled in to one of the four certain spots, so far is still “hit and miss,” according to another Dodgers official. The Indians and Pirates are known to be two more teams monitoring Pedro’s progress, and agent Fern Cuza said there are a couple others in the mix after Pedro looked great in three innings in the World Baseball Classic, but a person close to Martinez said that he would favor the National League and is insistent on playing for a contender, which may mean it’ll come down to the Dodgers and Mets.

I did say the other day that I wasn’t all that interested in the idea of Pedro’s return from a baseball perspective, because I think he’s hardly the solution to the our problems. The fanboy in me would still be entertained, but how sad is it that he’s rapidly becoming the best solution to this hole?

(P.S., Free James McDonald. There, I said it.)