Let’s Thin Out that Herd

vargasspringdodgers.jpgWell, today’s game against Milwaukee ought to help send some of those 5th starter wannabes to the glue factory:

Eric Stults: 2.1 IP, 4 ER, 3 BB, 1 HR (spring ERA: 12.96)
Claudio Vargas: 1 IP, 4 ER, 4 H, 2 HR (spring ERA: 8.22)

Just like most of their pitches today, any chance of these two winning this competition has to be going… going… gone.

With Shawn Estes already a washout, Eric Milton not far behind, and Jason Schmidt already counted out, that has to mean James McDonald wins this by default, right? Imagine that – we really could see a Dodger rotation that’s three-fifths twenty-five-and-under. It’s not exactly the way we all wanted to see it, but man, is that thought tasty.

Not that things went any better for the guys still competing for the 2nd lefty reliever spot, as Brian Mazone and Erick Threets each gave up a homer. Are we really going to sit by and watch the Giants go get Will Ohman? It’s not like his skill set perfectly fits what this team needs, or anything.

On another note, what is with all of the injuries? You’ve got Chad Billingsley, Blake DeWitt, and Mark Loretta all pulling muscles in the same game. You’ve got Clayton Kershaw taking a liner off the hip, Jason Repko pulling a hamstring – in addition to Manny’s previous hamstring problem – and now you’ve got Delwyn Young going for an MRI on his surgically-repaired elbow. Granted, none are that serious, but still, not a good omen.

The season simply cannot start soon enough.




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