It’s Official: Dodgers Finally Sign Will Ohman

Well, we have breaking news folks… 
Vin has posted an article! 

The blog has not been hacked, I assure you, and somewhere MSTI’s jaw is on the floor.  I understand.  But, you see, the reason it took me so long was because me and my agent, let’s call him Scott, have been negotiating with MSTI earnestly during the offseason.  What can I say?  I felt that after the move to MVN, I deserved a multiyear deal for all the work on WordPress and it caused me and MSTI to negotiate for quite a long time until we finally just started from scratch.  But it got done and, well: I’m baaccck. 

But the real reason of this article…

According to, the Dodgers have finally signed Will Ohman!  It took until a week before the season started, but we finally found our situational lefty out of the pen.  Our LOOGY.  Or Troy From West Virginia’s new best friend.  The financial details are still undisclosed at this point, except that it is a minor league deal with an option for another year. 

Now given that MSTI has talked about Ohman quite often this past week, there’s no need to go into depth here, as mostly everything has been said, other than it was a much needed signing for the Dodgers that does fulfill a need in the bullpen given the loss of Beimel, it also adds depth, and spares us from the likes of Brian Mazone and Erick Threets.  Always a good thing. 

- Vin vinscully-face.jpg