Walter Alston Sure Looks Different

slumdog.jpg He’s a little hairier… a little darker… and a little less “dead for twenty-five years”. Actually, that’s Anil Kapoor from Slumdog Millionaire throwing out the first pitch last night… either that, or the Dodgers are going to solve their rotation problems by following in the footsteps of the Pirates by signing Indians off game shows.

You know, I sat here for a few minutes trying to figure out why in the hell they’d have given him a Walter Alston jersey to wear while throwing out the first pitch, and then it hit me: that’s not an Alston jersey at all. It’s the beauty of corporate marketing. You see, Kapoor has signed on to be in the next season of “24″. So I suppose that makes sense. Though, if they’d really wanted to promote it right, they could have just kept Rick Bauer when he was kicking around the system in 2007 and given him Alston’s number.

Anyway, as you should know by now, the Dodgers have reeled off 11 wins in a row at home to start the year (hey, only 70 more to go!), but TrueBlueLA beat me to my preferred “eleven” joke. I’m sure I would be more upset if I weren’t so heavily sedated, but while pondering another way to make a cheap numerically-based joke, I realized: I don’t really care. Oh sure, I care that the team is doing well, and I love that Dodger Stadium is quickly becoming the most difficult place in the league to enter for everyone else. But really, home wins don’t count any more than road wins, do they? (Wait, do they? I’ll have to check in on that). It’s cliche, but a win is a win, and I’ll happily take it no matter whether it happens in Los Angeles, Paris, or on Tatooine.