Vin Scully: Professional Jinx Master

The real one, that is.  And, thankfully, for the Diamondbacks, this time… 

After calling Justin Upton’s Grand Slam, last night, let’s go to tonight.

(In Sophia Pertrillo voice)  Picture it, 6-3-09, and the Dodgers are playing the iamondbacks.  It’s the top of the 8th inning and the Diamondbacks have two runners on and 1 out for Miguel Montero. 

Take it away, Vin! 

“Miguel, hitting .224, 2 HR’s, half a dozen runs batted in.  If you’re wondering about it, he has not grounded into a double play.” 

A minute later… an inning ending double play.  Thanks, Vin. 

- Vin vinscully-face.jpg