James Loney DOES Like to Travel

 A little over a year ago, I wrote a post called “James Loney Does Not Like to Travel“, and it included these numbers…

Loney, 2008 at Home:
.375/.447/.556 1.003 OPS 165 OPS+
Loney, 2008 on Road:
.205/.228/.364 .592 OPS 64 OPS+
(stats from Baseball-Reference)

Is that not one of the biggest home/road splits you’ve ever seen? He’s literally 101% better of a hitter at Dodger Stadium than he is everywhere else. To put it another way, at Chavez Ravine, he’s Manny Ramirez (1.001 career OPS); and everywhere else he’s, well, hell, even Neifi Perez put up a .672 career OPS, and I’m not mentally prepared to look up hitters 80 points worse than Neifi Perez.

87toppsjamesloney.jpgYeah… about that:

Loney, 2009 at Home:
.222/.273/.283 .556 OPS 45 OPS+

Loney, 2009 on Road:
.339/.417/.464 .882 OPS 141 OPS+

Well, that’s only a bit of a turnaround. This has actually been going on for over a year now, because even though I posted last May that he was so much better at home than on the road, he actually ended up with better road stats (.807 OPS vs .735). So over the last calendar year, Loney’s been a pretty lousy hitter at Dodger Stadium.

What makes James Loney hate the home whites?