No, We Don’t Want Tom Glavine

I can’t believe this is a post I even need to write, yet here we are: No, there is no need for the Dodgers to go after an old-and-busted corpse that used to resemble Tom Glavine. Do we really need to go into detail on this? I thought it was pretty self-explanatory, but “Glavine-to-the-Dodgers” mentions keep popping up on the intertubes. Let’s get the obvious out of the way and show why Glavine is useless, before refuting each person with the gall to bring this up.

glavinehomers.jpgLet’s look at Glavine’s last four seasons, 2005-07 with the Mets and 2008 with the Braves. You tell me exactly what makes you think, “this is a guy who’s only going to get better” – and that’s without even taking into account that he’s 43 and had shoulder and elbow surgeries in the last year.

ERA: 3.53, 3.82, 4.45, 5.54
BB/9: 2.6, 2.8, 2.9, 5.3
HR/9: 0.5, 1.0, 1.0, 1.6

Steadily giving up more runs, walking more, and allowing more homers. Oh yeah. That sounds like a trend I want to get right on board with. No, you know what? Forget what I said before. Let’s take into account his age and recent injury history. We really think that this trend is going to get reversed at 43? Yeah, I know that he was apparently pretty effective in his minor league rehab starts, but I can’t say I’m all that impressed by a no-doubt Hall of Famer striking out just 2.8 batters every 9 innings in the low minors.

Plus, there’s no need for him in LA. There’s a case to be made for a top-level starter to help Chad Billingsley in the playoffs, but what’s the point of getting a 5th starter right now? Eric Milton’s been fine, Eric Stults will get another shot, and there’s no point in investing a single dollar into anyone else of that type.

Really, if there was any doubt about whether Glavine still has it, it should have been put to rest by the fact that the Braves – a team in the playoff hunt that should have wanted to preserve their relationship with a franchise hero – kicked him to the curb. Sad as that may have been, it doesn’t make him a good fit for the Dodgers.

Yet, people who really ought to know better say otherwise.

Peter Gammons (via Hacks With Haggs):

*Gammons lists the Texas Rangers and LA Dodgers as two teams that may end up kicking the tires on the recently released Tom Glavine.

You can take everything I just said about the Dodgers and apply it tenfold to the Rangers. Can you imagine putting him in that ballpark right now? Good lord.

“Rival Executives” (via Buster Olney)

Rival executives speculated on possible suitors for Glavine, ranking them in this order: Dodgers, Marlins, Cardinals and Rangers (one vote for Texas).

Sure was nice of O’Dowd, Sabean, Towers, and Byrnes to reply to Olney’s calls, wasn’t it?

Dodgers Rumors (aka, a blog I’ve never heard of that somehow got linked on MLBTR. MSTI’s open for links too, guys!)

There is no doubt the Dodgers still could use some pitching help and need a solid veteran presence in the rotation. The fit is almost perfect, as Glavine could take on a role similar to what Greg Maddux has done in the past. It’s not going to take but a few million to get Glavine on board with a chance at the playoffs. The injuries to the rotation have already taken a toll on this team, and to have a guy like Glavine around can only help round out the rotation.

Not sure I follow this thinking; what ‘injuries to the rotation’? Kuroda missed time, of course, but he’s back now. I refuse to acknowledge Jason Schmidt as being part of the team anymore, so there’s no injuries holding back the rotation anymore. So, there’s really no place for Glavine here.

Now, I don’t expect any of this to actually happen. As Kevin Baxter of the LA Times rightfully points out, the team is unlikely to go after him. Because, you know… that would be stupid.