The Worst Offense in the National League…

…over the last seven days, anyway.

That’s right, they’re last in the league in OBP and OPS in that short time frame, and the only thing keeping them out of last place in runs is the fact that they played two more games than Atlanta, who scored 16 times in 5 games, while the Dodgers put up 18 in 7 games.

No, I’m not really complaining – not with an eight-game lead in the division – and I was as thrilled by the two miracle back-to-back Ethier walkoff wins as you all were. If the Dodgers do end up making a run in October, those are definitely going to be games that you look back on and say, “yeah, that’s when I knew this team was special.” But it’s important to not get too caught up in that, because if not for the usually reliable Pedro Feliz booting a grounder and 2008′s top closer, Brad Lidge, blowing two games in a row, the Dodgers would be coming off a four-game sweep, and would have lost 5 of 7 and 7 of 10. How differently would we be feeling about things then?

Let’s look at the prime offenders over the last punchless week:

martinwhiffs.jpgMark Loretta: 0-14 (!)
Russell Martin: 1-18 (!!)
Casey Blake: 3-21
Rafael Furcal: 5-19

I’m willing to give Blake a pass, because he was probably due for a slump after his hot May and he’s battling sore hamstrings, but what exactly is the deal with Martin? Forget the fact
 that he has zero home runs – as troubling as that is – but he’s just been a disaster at the plate all season long. Do you have any idea how insanely bad a .299 SLG is? Here, let me put that to you in a question:

What’s worse about a .299 SLG?
1) Of 170 MLB players with enough at-bats for the batting title, it ranks 165th.


2) It’s a solid 75 points below Juan Pierre’s career mark, and is at least 20 points lower than any individual Pierre season.

That’s right: our beloved All-Star catcher, one of the weakest hitters in baseball. There’s really nothing you can do but stick with him, but coming off his below-average 2008… this is rapidly becoming a serious problem. Plus, we can’t even blame Joe Torre for overworking Martin, as he’s done a pretty nice job of making sure that Turtle gets his rest.  

Speaking of Torre, credit where credit is due, for finally moving Furcal down in the lineup to 7th. I was beginning to wonder just how long Joe was going to stick with Furcal hitting 2nd, and kudos to him for making what had to be a tough move.

People who get no credit? That’d be the schedule-maker, for working in off-days around each side of a two-game series in which the Dodgers don’t even have to travel for. Because that makes total sense. So what do you say, boys? Time to get the bats going before interleague play starts?