Hey Andre: Streaky Much?

After hitting two of the Dodgers’ four home runs last night – giving him five in the last seven games – Andre Ethier is currently hotter than Jessica Alba & Mila Kunis eating hot wings while riding a nuclear bomb into the sun. Ethier’s now ranked 9th among all MLB right fielders in OPS, ahead of notable names like J.D. Drew, Nick Markakis, and Magglio Ordonez, and 10th in VORP. In case the simple math escaped you there, that puts him in the top one-third of major league right fielders.

All in all, a pretty solid season for our favorite underappreciated outfielder, food enthusiast, and autograph denier. Right?

Ah, but if it were only that simple. It was only just about two weeks ago that we were bemoaning Ethier’s continued presence in the heart of the order while he was suffering through a dreadful May, so while the cumulative output is nice, he’s been anything but consistent in getting there. In fact, look at the three distinctly different sections of Ethier’s season, or as I like to look at it, “Good Andre” & “Bad Andre”.

ethierhomers.jpgGood Andre!

4/6/09 – 5/5/09 – .327/.439/.574 1.013 OPS  6 HR

Bad Andre!
5/6/09 – 6/1/09 – .169/.260/.217 .477 OPS  0 HR

Good Andre!
6/2/09 – 6/9/09 – .444/.464/1.111 1.575 OPS  5 HR

Even better, it’s not like this is something new for him. Going back to 2008…

Good Andre!
3/31/08 – 5/27/08 – .309/.374/.451 .825 OPS  4 HR

Bad Andre!
5/28/08 – 7/1/08 – .204/.257/.357 .624 OPS  3 HR

Good Andre!
7/2/08 – 9/28/08 – .320/.426/.600 1.013 OPS  13 HR

You’ll note that, while his good run to start the 2009 season did end almost precisely when Manny was suspended, he’s hitting well now without him – and his hot 2008 streak did start nearly a month before Manny arrived.

Let’s hope that the “Good Andre” we’ve seen this past week is the one that sticks around all season, shall we?


Over at FanGraphs, the argument is that Orlando Hudson is making Ned Colletti look great, and it’s hard to disagree – Hudson’s been fantastic. However, I do have to take issue with how it’s framed; Hudson’s $3.8 million salary boosts up to nearly $8 million if he hits all his incentives, which looks likely, and the lost 1st round draft pick to Arizona also needs to be included in the cost as well. By no means do I regret the signing (yes, even though I was against it at the time – no one thought Hudson would play this well), but there’s more to it than meets the eye in this article.