Public Enemy #1′s Weekend

So, what’d you do this weekend? Because, short of Sandy Koufax in a Giants jersey giving Vin Scully an atomic wedgie, you probably didn’t cause Dodger fans to hate you as much as Andruw Jones the last three days. Not, of course, that Jones wasn’t already despised in Los Angeles, but man – way to pile on, fatty:

Friday: Jones says he left LA because Frank McCourt didn’t respect him:
Jones said he started to get the sense that he was on his way out of Los Angeles when he met with McCourt before undergoing knee surgery last May.

“It was disrespect,” Jones said of the way McCourt spoke to him.

Jones said he was upset when his agent, Scott Boras, told him in the off-season that McCourt was looking into ways to void his contract.

While acknowledging that McCourt paid him a hefty salary, Jones said the owner had no right to complain about a deal that was mutually agreed upon.

That’s right, Andruw. Just spit in the faces of Dodger fans by saying it was absolutely everyone’s fault but your own.

Saturday: Jones homers off of Cory Wade for the only Texas run in a 3-1 Dodger victory; angers gods who shut down lights. 

: Jones homers off Chad Billingsley in a 6-3 Dodger win; following game, Jones takes candy from a baby. Literally.

Sure, the Dodgers went into Arlington and took two out of three, and that’s what’s most important. But it’s hard to ignore that we saw Jones hit 66% as many homers this weekend as he did all last season for the Dodgers.

God, I hate him.