I Don’t Care About Manny Ramirez Right Now

Look around the world of baseball media right now; you’ve got ESPN and the MLB Network doing live Manny look ins. You’ve got ESPN with a “Manny Watch”, and Bill Plaschke sticking his head ever further up his own ass (yeah, SOSG‘s been killing it on this). Manny’s return to organized baseball is being covered in much the same fashion as Miley Cyrus announcing she’s dating the Pope. Pope John Paul II, at that.

Yet, what do you get on this site? Not a word. Because the thing is, I just don’t care what Manny does in Albuquerque, Inland Empire, or any other minor league burg west of the Rockies. We all know that this ten-game stint is completely irrelevant, other than to give bored sportswriters something to squawk about. Manny could hit .150, or he could go nine for nine with nine homers in each game – it just doesn’t matter.

So get back to me next week on this when Manny’s return is actually imminent, because right now, it has nothing to do with what’s going on on the field. I’m more interested in Hiroki Kuroda’s triumphant return, Clayton Kershaw’s continued development, and trade rumor after trade rumor after trade rumor (in regards to that last one, I’d happily trade James McDonald, Blake DeWitt, and just about anyone else in the system – even Andrew Lambo – to get Cliff Lee. Just sayin’.)

We’re a Manny-free zone through the weekend. Disagree? Let’s hear it.