Quick, Someone Set Up a Hilarious Fake Manny Twitter Account

I know, I know – in my last post, I said I wouldn’t be talking about Manny Ramirez’ return to the minors, because what he does there makes absolutely no difference at all. Since this is less about Manny and more about the media covering him, I like to think I’m sticking to that promise.

Right now, on the Dodgers section of the Los Angeles Times’ site, they’re displaying the 20 most recent Dodger stories. You’d think that a huge majority of them would be dedicated to a first-place team with the best record in baseball; even if some people can’t be bothered to say anything good about the team, there’s always the fact that the Dodgers just dropped their first series in a month.

Yet how many of the 20 stories, would you guess, are dedicated to the meaningless movements of a man who’s not even on the roster right now?

Well, just in case it changes by the time you take a look, I’ve put together this handy-dandy guide for you:


Fine, #6 is tenuous, but it’s got Manny’s picture on it, so it gets a number. That’s more than half of the Dodger stories dedicated to our favorite absentee left fielder, Manny Ramirez.

Friends in the media, I promise you that people don’t care nearly as much about what Manny does in the minors as they do about what the real Dodgers do on the big league playing field. When he gets back, play up the circus as much as you like, but until then, can we please remember we’re watching the best team in baseball?