Thanks For Stopping By, Deadspin

Oh, Deadspin. I thought we were friends? I read you every day, link to you occasionally, have even pulled a link back on your page. I’m pretty sure I even saw Will Leitch in a bar down the street from me here in NYC, once, and I give you full credit for presenting me with what remains one of the three funniest things I’ve ever read on the internet (slightly NSFW-ish).

So you can imagine my surprise when this story rolls up on my RSS feed, just now:

Professional grumpypants Bill Plaschke really hates Manny Ramirez. In fact, the only thing he hates more than Manny is people who refuse to hate Manny as much as he does. Why can’t they see what Bill Plaschke sees?

Okay: off to a good start here. As you may or may not have noticed, I can’t stand Bill Plaschke either! So seeing this get some more national recognition is a good thing, to be sure.

This whole situation is putting such a strain on Bill that there’s concern he may be starting to crack. Four of his last five columns in the L.A. Times have been Manny-centric–the fifth was his predictable harrumphing about the Ron Artest signing–with the overarching theme being that Manny has not been punished enough for his crimes against baseball’s humanity.

Yes! Perfect. Love it. Bill Plaschke is a joke of a “reporter”, and the more people who know this, the better. Go on…

Of course, all of these missives came after his brave Twitter stance that he was not going to be a party to this comeback charade.

I didn’t go to albuquerque, and I won’t go anywhere else he “rehabs.”.
He shouldn’t be allowed to touch a bat for 50 games period

His very next Tweet?

Just got to lake elsinore for second stop in manny rehab tour. Its
about 200 degrees. Poor manny. A teammate probably assigned to fan him

So I guess by “won’t go” he really meant to say “will definitely be at.”

Hmm… wait a minute. This all sounds slightly familiar to me. But why? Oh, yes. That’s because I did the exact same thing last week.

No, here’s what really caught my eye: the fact that Bill Plaschke drove out to Riverside County to watch Manny play for the 66ers. Because, if you didn’t know, Bill’s got a Twitter page, and this is exactly what he said just 4 days ago:


Yet here you are, just a few short days later, doing just that. It’s even better when you see his next post right on top of this one (Twitter posts are listed chronologically, newest at the top):

plaschketwitterjune27.jpgSuch a short ride from “I refuse to go!” to “okay, I’ll go, but only to make fun of him and try to create a story that doesn’t exist”, isn’t it, Bill? If only the distance between “journalism” and whatever exactly it is you do was that short.

Boo, I say. Boo. Far be it from me to impede Plaschke-bashing in any form, of course, but: give a blog some love, no?

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