Randy Wolf’s Math Lesson

Introductory press conference, December 2006:

wolf41.jpg2007 season:


2009, April – July:

wolf21.jpg2009, July:

wolf43.jpgWhat’s the deal, exactly?

Randy Wolf has switched his uniform number to #43 as he seeks to improve his record to 4-3. Wolf wore #43 while with the Phillies before being issued #41 at his introductory news conference when he signed with the Dodgers. By Spring Training, he was #52 for his first season with Los Angeles. Last season, he wore #25 with the Padres and #39 with the Astros before starting this year as #21.

So, he’s now #43 so he can get up to 4-3. As I write this, the Dodgers are up 6-1 in the 3rd, so it’s looking pretty likely. Does that mean next week we can look forward to #53? If at some point he’s, say, 10-5, can we look forward to him wearing #115? Because, I’m not going to lie – that’d be pretty awesome.  

More importantly, how does Will Ohman feel about all this?

Poor Will. He looks sad.