Bill Plaschke Lies to You and Hates Dodger Stadium

There’s so much good ridiculous Plaschke “material” today that I would almost feel remiss in ignoring it, as I considering calling out the unqualified idiocy of this stain upon journalism a fun responsibility of mine. But even better, other, funnier blogs have already beaten me to it! So let’s go with them…

Point: In today’s “article”, Plaschke whines that Manny didn’t recognize the fans in his first game back, saying that Manny “blew off Mannywood” and that he “acted as if none of it existed.”

Counterpoint: Deadspin, take it away…

Interesting. Or …

Maybe I’m crazy, but doesn’t it kind of look like he’s acknowledging them there?

Point: Plaschke complains that Manny didn’t throw a warmup ball to the fans in Mannywood (which, really, WHO CARES!?), saying that Manny “threw it in the left-field stands instead.”

Counterpoint: Deadspin again…

Again, I’m not a expert, but isn’t Mannywood in the left-field stands? Isn’t the gesture the same no what which set of seats the ball happens to land in?

Point: Plashke tweets “Longtime fans hate reading it, but I have to say it — Dodger Stadium needs to be gutted and redone. Same beautiful spot, better new stadium” (via Sons of Steve Garvey)

Counterpoint: Well, there is no counterpoint. How can you argue with a man fueled by hate? So come on, Bill, what is it you don’t like? I’m not saying Dodger Stadium is perfect, but it’s certainly a crown jewel of MLB parks - and you’d be hard-pressed to find many fans who advocate tearing it down.

No doubt that if they ever did, though, Bill would be the first to put out a poorly-written one-sentence-paragraph opus of how the McCourts are grabbing for money at the expense of history.

I have such mixed feelings towards Bill Plaschke. On one hand, I think he’s one of the worst writers in America, poisoning the public with his off-base opinions, out of touch rantings, and occasional outright lies. Yet, on the other hand, he’s so much fun to make fun of. What is a blogger to do?

Batted Bob
Batted Bob

HAHA Plaschke is still the worst, other than Simers.


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