It’s Time to Build Something This Summer

I have the flu right now. In July. Life rules. I can only imagine what people thought of the guy walking home from work yesterday on an 80 degree day with chattering teeth. Moving on, while listening to the Hold Steady/Deadspin podcast

There’s about to be some awesome roster decisions, soon. Jason Schmidt is back on the roster, as we know, Hong-Chih Kuo is expected back next week, and Doug Mientiewicz could follow the next week after that. Plus, Tony Abreu is finally healthy and performing well in the minors, Ronald Belisario and Cory Wade’s rehabs are reportedly moving along smoothly, and you know the Dodgers will acquire at least one arm via trade. That’s at least 5 guys who will need to be added before the September 1 roster expansion, and while Blake DeWitt has the market cornered on being sent down, where are the other spots coming from? Unless we see some injuries, there’s about to be some tough decisions.

Apparently, not walking people isn’t enough
. Back in June, Hiroki Kuroda went 4 starts and 26.1 innings without allowing a walk, striking out 22 in that time. What did that get him? A 1-3 record and a 5.13 ERA.

Finally, this:

Bill Plaschke’s on jury duty. Could you imagine being accused of a crime, preparing to defend yourself, and seeing Bill Plaschke in the room? I’m not even sure I could get the words “uh, I’ve been relentlessly bashing his journalism on my blog for years, so I don’t trust he’d give me a fair trial” out of my mouth without laughing. On the other hand, will he render his opinions on the case in one-line sentences?



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