MSTI Goes to Mecca

dodgerstadiumwide.jpgI’ve done MSTI game reports of Dodger games before (“MSTI goes to Queens“; “MSTI Goes to Philly“), but this one’s a little different, because on Thursday, I’m finally making it back to Dodger Stadium.

“Hey, dingus. You’re a Dodger fan, big enough to be wasting your time writing a blog about the team – presumably from your mom’s basement, as I understand all blogs are written from. What’s the big deal about you going to Dodger Stadium. Shouldn’t you go there like, 8087 times a year?”

Well, you’d think that, wouldn’t you. Yes, YOU. But living in New York City as I do, it’s actually the first time I’ll be seeing the team in LA in a very, very long time. (Don’t click that. It’s ugly.) Of course, I’ve seen them in about 9 different major league and spring training sites around the country in that time. So thanks in no small part to the massive and appreciated assistance of KABC’s Josh Suchon, I’ll be in the stands on Thursday against the Cubs.

As for who’s pitching that night… well, it was originally supposed to be Hiroki Kuroda’s turn. Of course, the liner he took to the head means he’s missing that turn (and maybe headed to the DL). At one point, Charlie Haeger said he’d pitch on two days rest (how can you not love a knuckleballer?!) so now it’s going to be Jeff Weaver… unless he has to go tonight because Clayton Kershaw has the flu, in which case Scott Elbert probably gets the start and Kuroda’s roster spot. Hey, who said being in first place would be easy? Off to the airport!

Vin will be your bartender through the weekend. Treat him well, he lives on tips.