At Least Vinny Rottino’s Hitting Over .400 in Chattanooga, I Guess

Checking in very quickly to ask a simple question about yesterday’s Vicente Padilla acquisition: remember when the Dodgers traded Claudio Vargas at the deadline for Vinny Rottino? I wrote at the time that it didn’t make sense:

Vargas wasn’t great, but he was at least useful, while Vinny Rottino looks unlikely to ever play a single game as a Dodger. I hate to act as though I’m all worked up over losing Claudio Vargas, of all people, but this move just makes no sense at all.

Now that the pitching is even more beat up than it was in July, doesn’t that make even less sense? As Vin said yesterday, it’s pretty low risk to get Padilla (the price is right, and it’s not like he’s starting a playoff game), but when you’re desperate enough to go get Vicente Padilla, it makes you wonder just what the point was of trading a decent veteran arm for a useless minor league catcher in the first place. 

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