Randy Wolf Is My New BFF

With a lot of the talk, in regards to our pitching, Wolf2009  .jpgsurrounding Billingsley and Kershaw, and the whole talk of “ace this, ace that,” it’s sometimes a bit difficult to remember that there’s another pitcher in our rotation who has kept up and become one of the better pitchers in the NL, and seems arguably our most consistent pitcher, this year, and that’s, of course, Randy Wolf.  MSTI rightfully devoted an article to him just this past week, which is why I’ll keep this brief, though Wolf continues to dazzle. 

Tonight, he went 7 IP, giving up 1 ER on 1 hit, while walking 2 and striking out 5, in a duel of the Randys.  Wolf came out on top and, coincidentally, also made Dodger fans feel randy.  He’s been on a tear lately, and drops his ERA to 3.35, which ranks 15th in the NL, his VORP ranks 2nd to Kershaw on the club, while his 1.11 WHIP ranks 7th.  This also becomes his second straight start where he walks off giving up 1 hit.  Just really on a roll, right now, and if you would have told me Randy Wolf was going to do this into August, I would have thought you were insane.  This has been a signing that has really been golden for the Dodgers, and Wolf continues to be on a pace that could end up being a career year. 

Oh yeah, did I also mention that it seems like he’s been our best hitter lately, too?  As if going 3-4, with 3 RBI’s, and coming one triple away from the cycle last Sunday wasn’t enough, he scores all of the runs again for the Dodgers tonight, with a two run double and then draws a walk later on!  I guess he finally got sick of the no decisions and said: “Dammit, I’ll do it myself!”  But it’s almost comical how good he’s been lately, both on the mound and at the plate.   He’s been a real horse for the team this year and, God willing he stays healthy (knocks on wood), should be a huge asset come October. 

You rock, Randy Wolf! 

- Vin vinscully-face.jpg