Anyone Miss Jim Tracy?

I know what “the book” says.

“The book” says that you don’t put the go-ahead run on when first base is open. I get that.

But I’m guessing “the book” doesn’t specifically make reference to Manny “Even though I’ve been in a horrible slump, I’m still MANNY RAMIREZ!” Ramirez and James “I have about three hits this month and I’m on my way to an 0-5 today” Loney.

If you didn’t see the situation, the Dodgers were down by 1 with 2 outs and Rafael Furcal on third base and old friend Joe Beimel on the mound, with Manny walking to the plate. Yes, walking Manny intentionally puts the go-ahead run on first base. But come on, what really scares you more: Manny with one man on, or Loney with two men on?

So instead of allowing Beimel to walk Manny to face Loney – who, let’s face it, is probably this team’s worst hitter right now – Tracy brings in 27-year-old rookie Matt Daley, who’d pitched 1.2 innings last night, to face Manny. Yes, Manny’s in a slump, but he’s still approximately 2000 times more dangerous than James Loney.

Of course, Manny singles in Furcal and we’re currently tied in the bottom of the 9th.

Say what you will about Joe Torre (and I have), and appreciate the run the Rockies have been on, but I do not miss Jim Tracy.