Eric Karros Brings the Crazy

karroshair.jpgYou may have seen my earlier post laughing at the FOX jokers, Eric Karros and Thom Brennaman. Rather than adding this as an update to that where it might get lost, what Karros and his crazy hair just said deserves its own post – because it’s just that ludicrous. Thanks to Vin and his quick DVRing, Karros goes off the deep end, in regards to what the Dodgers should do with Juan Pierre after the season.

“From a selfish standpoint, you keep him because he’s arguably been the most valuable player…

Well, with Manny being gone, that’s when a lot of teams felt that’s
when they could catch the Dodgers, make their push. During that period,
not only did he fill the void of Manny being gone, playing left field,
but he also filled the void at the top of the lineup, Furcal, because
he wasn’t playing well, created. So he goes to the top of the lineup,
he bunts, he gets over, he does things to ignite the offense. Dodgers
didn’t have another player who was capable of doing that and they could
have really fallen to the pack during that period.”

Just in case you glossed over that, let me reiterate in fancy bold capitalized letters. ERIC KARROS THINKS JUAN PIERRE HAS (ARGUABLY) BEEN THE MOST VALUABLE PLAYER IN LA. No, not Matt Kemp, who’s almost already the best center fielder in baseball. Not Andre Ethier, who’s going to end up with a 30 homer/100 RBI breakout season. Not Randy Wolf, who’s started more games than anyone in baseball, has held the rotation together and been dazzling lately while doing it. Not Jonathan Broxton, leading all of baseball in strikeouts by a reliever. Not Clayton Kershaw, who spent two months being arguably the best pitcher in baseball.

according to Eric Karros, the most valuable player for the Dodgers this
year is a bench player who had an incredibly well-timed two week hot
streak, before spending the next three weeks sucking horribly. You
think that it was because of Pierre that the Dodgers didn’t fall back
to the pack? How about Casey Blake, who was unbelievably hot
while Manny was gone? And Eric, if Pierre was so important, how come
they only went 16-14 in the 30 games of Manny’s suspension that JP was
awful for? It’s because he was destroying the offense hitting leadoff every day.

know that we make fun of guys like Plaschke all the time, but the level
of complete ignorance displayed here is insane. You wonder why we bag
on Pierre all the time? It’s not because he’s not a good player,
because we knew exactly what we were getting when he was signed. It’s
because jokers like this act as though a powerless, OBP-challenged,
weak-armed speedster is the second coming of Babe Ruth’s lovechild with

Eric – GET A CLUE.

Crushinator (Bender lover)
Crushinator (Bender lover)

I want @tenaciousjdd to read this, because we had a discussion, wherein I mentioned that I do not like Karros' color commentary because of bad analysis and Justin disagreed. Proof.