Okay, Now I Am Worried…

No, it’s not because this weekend’s tilt in San Francisco is the last important road series of the year (the last remaining trip is to WAS, PIT, and SD).

No, it’s not because Randy Wolf and Clayton Kershaw are each unavailable, and no, it’s not because the Rockies are on yet another winning streak.

What really worries me is this; ESPN’s Steve Phillips, a man well known for never being right about anything, thinks the Dodgers are going to take the series:

Expect three low-scoring close games in which the bullpens ultimately will be the deciding factor. The Dodgers’ bullpen is the best in baseball (3.12 ERA), and I expect it to be the difference in this series.

Look for the Dodgers to take two out of three games.

Crap. We’re doomed.

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