The End Times Are Upon Us

MSTI on Friday:

What really worries me is this; ESPN’s Steve Phillips, a man well known for never being right about anything, thinks the Dodgers are going to take the series:

Expect three low-scoring close games in which the bullpens ultimately will be the deciding factor. The Dodgers’ bullpen is the best in baseball (3.12 ERA), and I expect it to be the difference in this series.

Look for the Dodgers to take two out of three games.

Crap. We’re doomed.

Steve Phillips was right. Sure, since there’s only four possible outcomes of a three-game series (LA sweep, SF sweep, LA takes two, SF takes two), he had a 25% chance on a multiple choice test. But still. Hold your loved ones tight.

As for the game, I could care less about Brad Penny, since that fat tub of goo will be watching in October like the rest of the Giants, and while I’m not entirely sold on the resurgences of James Loney & Russell Martin, if either or both have really turned it around, then this offense could be epic in the playoffs.

But am I worried about Chad Billingsley? You better believe it.