In Which I Long For Seattle & Oakland…

Friendly reader John over at the MSTI Facebook page (hint-hint, sign up!) alerts me to the fact that the 2010 MLB schedule is out and… well, let’s just say that no one’s going to be complaining that the Dodgers are lucky in not having to face the top teams in the American League next year.

Pop quiz, hotshot: what four teams would comprise the AL playoff field if the season ended today? The Yankees, Tigers, Angels, and the Red Sox as the Wild Card. And what’s the Dodger interleague schedule look like next year?

park-vaughn-belcher.jpg3 vs DET: May 21-23
3 in ANA: June 11-13
3 vs. ANA: June 22-24
3 in BOS: June 18-20
3 vs. NYA: June 25-27

Oh, good. Hooray. Granted, the Dodgers are always going to play the Angels, so any complaining about that is no different than any other year, but seriously – the Yankees, Red Sox, and Tigers too? Oh my.

Now compare that to the rest of the division:

Dbacks: vs. NYA, vs. TOR, @BOS, @TB, @DET
Rockies: vs. BOS, vs. TOR, @KC, @ANA, @MIN
Giants: @OAK, vs. OAK, vs. BOS, vs. BAL, @TOR
Padres: @SEA, vs. SEA, @TB, vs. TOR, vs. BAL

Okay, the Dbacks have it pretty badly too, playing the big 3 of the East and the Tigers, though they do get to face Toronto while the Dodgers get a second crack at the Angels. However, the Rockies & Giants – you know, the two teams most likely to challenge for the division – avoid the Yankees entirely, and get to fatten up on teams like the Blue Jays, Royals, and Athletics. Fortunately, the Padres are miles away from competitiveness because their schedule is a joke.

Level of difficulty for 2010: racheted up a notch.

Fun fact, by the way. As soon as I saw this I immediately planned on heading up to Boston in June to see the Dodgers play there, as I did in 2004 – because I’m sure the return of Manny to Boston won’t be a shitshow, or anything. Then I realized that I’m in a good friend’s wedding that weekend. Please leave good reasons to bail on the wedding in the comments.