Or the Braves, Whatever

lowebraves.jpgSo, in my last post when I was all “ooh, go Marlins, whooo!”? Yeah. Forget that, because they’re no longer target #1. Florida’s loss to the Reds combined with the Braves finishing off a sweep of the Mets puts Atlanta just a game behind the Giants and 4.5 behind the Rockies for the wild card.

4.5 games to make up with two weeks left in the season is a tall and unlikely order, to be sure. But the Braves are red-hot – their 7 game winning streak includes sweeps of the Mets and Cardinals – and still have 6 more games against the Mets and Nationals. Besides, the Rockies end the season playing the Dodgers. We figured those games would be meaningless for LA, but if the Wild Card isn’t settled yet… there might just be something to play for.

A man can dream, right? Go Braves.