Andre Ethier Really, Really, Really, Really Likes Walk Offs! Oh, Wait…

Well, that just really screwed up plans, today.  Here I was, getting ready to celebrate the 2nd BroxtonMartinPirates92709.jpgstraight divisional crown and already looking forward to it, and thinking of the champagne drenched celebrations… 

Unfortunately, by the looks of the bottom of the 9th inning, so were the Dodgers.  I’m not sure there’s much to say about today’s game that hasn’t already been said.  What looked to be another nice comeback by the Dodgers in late innings ended in a total nightmare, as Jonathan Broxton came in and helped cough up four runs to the freaking Pirates, who came back to win 6-5, after trailing 5-2 to begin the bottom of the ninth. 

As can be the case when Broxton loses a lead, he had some big help in this, and today he was assisted by a botched double play attempt by Rafael Furcal and then Andre Ethier capped off the whole thing by missing the ball on the single by Lastings Miledge, which enabled the winning run to score.  Quite an ugly inning and just about everything that you could imagine going wrong, well, just about did. 

Despite the magic number still remaining one and the Dodgers still probably winning the NL West (and can still do it today, if Colorado loses, by the way), it’s still anything but a meaningless loss.  It counts, folks, and precisely due to the Dodgers trying to still hold on to home field advantage in the playoffs.  As things look right now, Philadelphia has just beaten Milwaukee 6-5 to narrow in on the Dodgers by 2.5 games, with the Rockies currently leading the Cardinals 4-3 in the 7th.

For as nice as it would be to wrap up the division as soon as possible and just have Colorado lose today, it would be in the Dodgers’ best interest if the Rockies beat St. Louis, today.  If St. Louis wins, they will then be 2 behind the Dodgers in the home field advantage race.  It’s a bit of a tough spot, which is why the Dodgers needed this win: on one hand, you want the Rockies to lose to just end this, on the other hand, you need them to win to keep St. Louis off your back, but wait, no, you also want the Braves to surpass the Rockies and… ARGH!! 

So, either way, the Dodgers will be back out there tomorrow, although remember: it’s a 9:35 A.M., PST, start time. 

- Vin vinscully-face.jpg