FINALLY!! Your 2009 National League West Champions!!

It took the team six tries, with the Trojans even winning more games during this span, and I think I also lost about 10 years of my life in that process, but they did it!  Clayton Kershaw made the Rockies’ offense look like little leaguers and continued to shut up the critics, tonight.  Kershaw stepped up and gave an amazing performance, going 6 IP, walking 3 and striking out 10, including striking out the first 5 hitters to begin the game.  He was practically Koufaxian for most of the game, as he shut down the hottest team in baseball.  Even better for him; this year, he can drink the bubbly! 

And, finally… FINALLY, it took 7 innings, but the offense awoke from their coma, scoring 5 in the 7th, and Broxton slamming the door.  The Dodgers clinch the NL West title for the second consecutive year (with it taking 10 more wins to do so), and home field advantage throughout the playoffs!  Time for St. Louis on Wednesday! 

But what the heck are you doing reading a blog, right now?  Go celebrate! 


- Vin vinscully-face.jpg