Game 1 Of NLDS To Begin Wednesday At 6:37 P.M., PST

It has just been announced that game 1 between the Cardinals and the Dodgers will begin DodgersNLWest20092.jpgWednesday at 6:37 P.M., PST. 

For game 2, it’s still a bit iffy due to what the Yankees want to do.  The Yankees can choose either a 7 day or 8 day playoff schedule.  If they choose the former, game 2 will be on Thursday at 6:37 P.M., PST.  If they choose the 8 day schedule, it will be at 3:07 P.M., PST.  Here’s the rest of the schedule, but without the times: 

Game 3: LAD at STL, 3:07, PST, Saturday, October 10th. 

Game 4: LAD at STL, Sunday, October 11th. 

Game 5: STL at LA, Tuesday, October 13th. 

The games, in addition to all the rest of the LDS games, will be televised on TBS.  So because “Frank TV” exists no longer, get ready to want to bludgeon George Lopez… again! 

- Vin vinscully-face.jpg


This post season will be a disappointment and will give you a bitter taste in your mouth when ever you think of Santana