Frank And Jamie Headed For Divorce McCourt?

O.K., that is now our lamest title for an article, ever.  I know, I know… 

People DodgersSo, as I’m sure most of you have heard, according to the L.A. Times, the big story is that Frank and Jamie McCourt have now called it quits and have decided to separate.  While it’s generally sad to see any marriage end, for obvious reasons, that’s not really the concern here.  Rather, what’s the effects that this can have on the team?  Can the team survive this successfully or are we going to see another San Diego situation, where their owner, who alsoheaded for a divorce, pretty much slashed payroll and eventually traded the likes of Jake Peavy? 

Right now, it’s hard to say, and there’s certainly a variety of factors that play into it, which we just don’t know.  Though if they do indeed divorce, there’s definitely a chance that they would have to sell.  It’s certainly a situation that deserves to be closely monitored, as this situation can either (and hopefully) turn out well for the team or it could end up bad.  Very bad. 

On the other hand, we’re Dodgers fans, so what’s new?  Even during good years, there’s usually always that shot in the nuts (or as I call it: a “Holliday”) that has to happen.  But there’s still baseball to be played, and meaningful baseball at that, so let’s get it going, already! 

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  1. […] At the time, we were uncertain yet nervous about what that would lead to, but we certainly had no idea that it would end up with years of embarrassing court battles, Joe Torre actually needing to clarify that working for the team wasn’t “a living hell”, dozens of humiliating sins against the team and fans, and several seasons of understaffed, underfunded mediocrity. […]