NLCS Game 4 Aftermath: Blerg.

They say it’s best to confront your pain. Let’s find out how last night’s travashamockery is being received across the intertubes – and make sure you read to the bottom, because I saved the biggest punch in the face for last.

Deadspin (avowed Philly homer A.J. Daulerio):


Yep. That’s about right. Kind of how we felt when Matt Holliday botched that catch and then Mark Loretta got the walkoff in the NLDS, right?

Sons of Steve Garvey:

Hmm, I don’t remember that one from my childhood. Sure fits the moment, though. (Also, happy three year anniversary to SOSG. Too bad it couldn’t have come under happier circumstances.)

Dodger Blues:

Déjà blue: Broxton melts under pressure
An out from tying the NLCS at two games apiece, the Dodgers instead watched the Phillies dance on their grave. Is this really how I’m wasting my life?

Not quite there yet, but sometimes you wonder…

LA Times – T.J. Simers:

“It’s obviously a tough one to get past,” Torre said, “but you know, that’s our job.”

It was also Sherrill’s job to sail through the eighth, Broxton’s to nail the victory down, and why the Dodgers played 162 games — to get to this moment.

But then the dogs choked.

Now it seems it’s just time to bow-OUT.

Ugh. This isn’t helping.

LA Times – Bill Plaschke:

History will show that the Dodgers lost when Jonathan Broxton’s fastball was hit.

Honesty will show that they lost when his fastball was haunted.

The crack of Jimmy Rollins’ line drive, the roar of a stunned crowd, the shaking of a chilled stadium will live forever in the minds of those who witnessed an incomparable Dodgers’ heartbreak.

But it is the soft shuffle of Matt Stairs jogging toward first base three batters earlier that will live forever with the man who caused it.

I don’t have it in me right now to refute another Plaschke article of retardation in its’ entirety, so let’s just say that while you can possibly make the point that Stairs’ homer last year helped get him the walk last night, it’s insanity to say that the game was lost as soon as he jogged to first. As though a walk equals a homer, or that the hits by Ruiz or Rollins had nothing to do with it and couldn’t be avoided.

And finally, the pièce de résistance…

Fangraphs Win Probability Chart:


I’ve been staring at this, trying to figure out exactly how to word such a monumental swing, and then I realized that Phillies blog The Fightins’ had done it better then I ever could:

You guys wanna see something cool? Head over to Fan Graphs and check out the live game graph from game four. You see that spikey yellow line at the very end? That is literally the visual representation of taking a dump in one’s pants.

Yep. That’s pretty much exactly what it was.