Now the Real Season Starts

With the 2009 season finally in the books (seriously, any longer and the Phillies could have avoided going back home from the Bronx and just gone straight to Florida for spring training), the real fun starts. Well, first, a thought from Ken Tremendous on the future of the Yankees:

Congrats to the Yankees, the best team in baseball. Let’s see how strong you are next year when Damon is replaced by…Matt Holliday. Shit.

Yep. That sounds about right.  Anyway, now that the offseason is starting – we’ve already seen two trades around MLB – we can focus on the always fun task of building the Dodgers for 2010. You might think that the very first step is finding out in the next few days whether Manny will choose his 2010 player option or go with free agency (spoiler alert: he’ll be back). You’d think that, and you’d be wrong, because as you should all know by now, this offseason is only going to be tangentially about baseball, with much of it being played out in the courtroom drama of the McCourt divorce mess.

The first shot in that war is going to be fired just under two hours from now, as Jamie intends to argue that she should be reinstated as Dodger CEO. The quickly-becoming-indispensible Dodger Divorce lets us know how we should be cheering:

A final thought.
The McCourts might have more at stake tomorrow than they’ve considered. As Craig Calcaterra notes, the McCourts’ best chance to keep the Dodgers is probably to arrive at “some kind of truce as soon as possible that would keep joint ownership to some degree.” If things get as bitter in court tomorrow as they’ve been in the filings and newspapers thus far, that would seem nearly impossible. If you’re a member of the majority (anti-McCourt) party, root for fireworks.

Fireworks, you say? Oh, I think we can do fireworks. Remember the accusations that Jamie had been unfaithful with a former Dodger employee, Pillsbury heir Jeff Fuller (who was either “the Director of Protocol” or “her driver”, which is kind of like saying “I’m the lead singer of Green Day” or “I’m the assistant to the  roadie”)?  There’s more fun stories coming out about him by the second:

This past weekend we posted a story that Jeff Fuller — who was fired by the Dodgers last month as either the Director of Protocol or a driver — was accused in 1995 by his then-wife of brutalizing her when she was 7 months pregnant …. pushing her into a wall and knocking her down. The wife — who now goes by Michele DesMarteau — got a restraining order against Jeff.

So he’s a domestic abuser! Or…

Jeff’s rep tells TMZ Jeff insists Michele did indeed recant her story.

So he was just taken advantage of by his jealous ex-wife! Or…

Michele also says Jeff lies about other things. She says he’s not a Pillsbury heir and in fact is always near broke. She says after hooking up with Jamie, he called and said he was now moving to Malibu. She says she was shocked he could live in Malibu because he didn’t pay child support. His response, she says: “I have a really good deal.”

Or he’s a total deadbeat liar. Then again, if he was really flat broke, what would Jamie want to do with him? This is a woman who couldn’t possibly live on less than $500,000 a month. Strap in, friends. This is going to suck your will to live.