Today the Globe… Tomorrow the World

After a weekend out of town at a wedding (and by the way, Indianapolis, I respect that you love the Colts and all, but when every hotel desk clerk and airline ticket attendant are wearing Colts jerseys, and even the attractive women are wearing jerseys of the center, Jeff Saturday, it starts to creep me out just a little bit), I’m back and not really planning on recapping anything that happened this weekend.

So yes, I saw that Manny picked up his option (of course), Jon Garland’s option was declined (the right move), several Jamie McCourt hires in the front office were let go (sad, partially since one of them is someone I actually knew years ago in college), and that Joe Torre may want to stay past 2010 (indifferent until I actually see it). That’s all been covered just fine by the other excellent blogs, so until we get back to the 2009 season reviews tomorrow, two things worth noting:

1) MSTI in the Boston Globe! As if my appearance on KABC’s DodgerTalk in May wasn’t enough, the MSTI media takeover continues. You can only imagine how much Red Sox fans are breathing sighs of relief that the McCourts weren’t allowed to purchase the Sox before coming to LA, and this whole mess only makes their two World Series trophies glow even brighter in retrospect. Anyway, I was contacted by a Globe writer and gave a phone interview, which culminated in this quote from this story in today’s paper:

“It’s not good when you’re getting your baseball news from TMZ,’’ says Mike Petriello, who runs the popular Dodgers blog and referred to a leading gossip site. “Everyone here is kind of horrified with Frank and Jamie McCourt.’’

Hey! I’m popular! To be honest, I don’t know if I said “here” so much as “there”, seeing as how I’m not actually in Los Angeles. I suppose we can go with “here” as meaning “Dodger fans,” though. Close enough. Either way, the Boston Globe! Now if only I still lived there and could buy thirty copies…

2) Chad Billingsley’s available, eh? So says Baseball Prospectus in their hot stove kickoff…

Starting pitching is always at a premium, and while Halladay will be hotly pursued again, a number of younger starters are also available, including the Dodgers’ Chad Billingsley, the Brewers’ Dave Bush, the Orioles’ Jeremy Guthrie, the Phillies’ Kyle Kendrick, and the Twins’ Glen Perkins. Billingsley is the most intriguing of the group, as he is just 25 and pitched in the All-Star Game this season. However, he struggled so badly down the stretch that he was taken out of the rotation and left the Dodgers wondering if he might need a new start in another organization.

That’s the first we’ve actually seen that in writing, isn’t it? As I’ve argued several times, his struggles were never as bad as they seemed. To move him now, when the team is already short on starting pitching, would seem to be a monumental mistake.