Baseball Prospectus, Why Must You Taunt Me?

Today’s front page article:

We’ve been¬†over the travesty of trading the Indians a better prospect for Casey Blake than they received for C.C. Sabathia a ton of times here, so I won’t bore you with it again. (Once again, this does not mean I hate Casey Blake. It means I hate the trade. I can’t believe people still get that confused.)¬†Still, when you see comments like this about Santana from BP prospect guru Kevin Goldstein…

Year in Review: One of the top catching prospects in the game, Santana only helped his reputation with a monster showing in his first year at the upper levels.
The Good: Santana’s bat is so special that if he was a first-base prospect, he’d still be elite. His approach is big league-ready, as he never swings at a bad pitch. As one scout put it, “When he does finally swing, special things tend to happen.” His power is plus to plus-plus to all fields, and for a player with his strength, he maintains an outstanding contact rate. He’s a solid defender with above-average arm strength.

…it really pours salt on that open wound – especially with Russell Martin’s career in a nosedive.

But hey, at least we can stop blaming Ned Colletti for this and put more blame on the McCourts for putting Colletti in this situation, right? Right?