The Power of Wishful Thinking…

Hey, I like Matt Kemp and Andre Ethier just as much as everyone else does…

…but to say they’re “leading candidates for the NL MVP award” goes beyond “looking through Dodger blue glasses”. You’d have to have had Dodger logos surgically implanted into your eyes. Or at least get an “LA” type contact lens, like the ones that make you look like you have cat eyes.

Look, if this isn’t Albert Pujols unanimously, then I give up on humanity. Sure, Kemp & Ethier had great years. But are they getting MVP votes ahead of Pujols, or Chase Utley, or Hanley Ramirez? I… think not.

Speaking of awards that should have been won unanimously, how about a Seattle writer spoiling Joe Mauer’s party by voting for Miguel Cabrera, of all people? Cabrera leads Mauer in exactly one stat, and that’s blood-alcohol level.

At least it wasn’t Derek Jeter, anyway.



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