There’s Still 11 Hours Left to Not Make a Huge Mistake

From Yahoo’s Tim Brown, via the quickly-becoming-indispensible Twitter of TrueBlueLA:

Dodgers likely will not offer Orlando Hudson salary arbitration.

We’ve been through this a bunch of times, as have most of the other blogs, but let me reiterate: if this happens, there is no good reason for it. There’s just no downside. If he accepts, you get a solid 2B to fill your gaping keystone hole on a one-year deal. If he doesn’t – and we all know he wouldn’t, judging by his comments regarding Joe Torre and his late-season benching – then you get two draft picks from whichever team ends up signing him.

So why would they consider not offering? Sad to say, it seems to go straight back to the payroll issues, just like everything else has lately. The 5% chance that you might have to pay him $8m this year is somehow not worth the 95% chance that you get two free draft picks.

Or maybe, considering how little money the scouting team is allowed to spend on draftees, they just want to avoid the cost of paying those picks. Either way, it’s an indefensible decision as well as being a sad commentary on the current state of Dodgertown.



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