Geez, At Least Nick Green is Ambulatory

I know they’re “just rumors”, but it’s like they’re trying to come up with the worst possible infield options here. First it was 35-year-old Jamey Carroll, who’s at least not without his virtues. Then it was 31-year-old Nick Green, who can’t really hit and isn’t a big asset with the glove. What horror awaits us today?

The Dodgers are inquiring on Marlins utility man Alfredo Amezaga, tweets’s Joe Frisaro.  Amezaga, 32 in January, missed most of the season due to a knee injury that eventually required microfracture surgery.  He’s one of the Marlins’ 11 arbitration-eligible players and shouldn’t cost much to acquire.

Oh, good lord. What, going after any old 32-year-old who can’t hit isn’t enough, we need to find one who’s coming off major experimental knee surgery? To say that Amezaga isn’t an offensive threat is understating the situation; in parts of 8 seasons spanning nearly 1500 PA, his line is a sparkling .251/.311/.341. Do we really think Chin-Lung Hu couldn’t put up that line in the bigs?

I’ll grant that Amezaga is a pretty good fielder, as FanGraphs has him with positive values at CF, SS, and 2B. That doesn’t change the fact that he’s 32 and coming off major experimental knee surgery. Plus, he’s not even a free agent – while the price wouldn’t be high, you still have to give the Marlins something to acquire him and then you’d have to put him through arbitration.

I’m clearly against the idea of acquiring Amezaga, but don’t take this to mean that I’m killing the Dodger front office here. Hamstrung as they are by the McCourt debacle, they have to take some unique measures this offseason, turn over every stone, and I get that. Due diligence, and all that. But let’s just be grateful that most of these rumors never come true.



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