Building a Team $50k at a Time

Dylan Hernandez with more news:

Dodgers sent cash to Tampa Bay for its pick in the Rule 5 draft, LHP Armando Zerpa.

Zerpa is 22 and was taken from the Red Sox, where had this to say about him:

Scouting Report: Big strike ‘em out lefty with a history of control issues, which took five seasons in rookie ball to refine. Easy three-quarter delivery.  Fastball sits around 89 mph, and slider goes around 78 mph. Fastball has decent movement. Very good groundball splits, also some impressive stats against lefties.

Five seasons in rookie ball. A fastball that doesn’t top 90 mph. And walking 6.4 per 9 in A-ball this year. This sounds like a guy who’s going to stick on the roster all year? At least Monasterios sounds like he might have some talent, and I’m all for taking a long-shot. But two, on a guy like this?

I think Mr. Colletti’s got some ‘splainin to do.



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