Dodgers Buy Carlos Monasterios

Well, at least it’s a signing right? And it even cost money! From Dylan Hernandez, who’s quickly become the go-to guy for Dodger breaking news:

The Dodgers sent cash to the Mets for their pick in the Rule 5 draft, 23-year-old RHP Carlos Monasterios.

I won’t pretend I’ve ever heard of this guy, but here’s what I do know: the Mets had drafted him from the Phillies, and Mets blog Mets Today had already put up a review of him in the 20 minutes or so he was Mets property. Here’s their take:

Monasterios is a 23-year-old righthander (will be 24 in March) from Venezuela who throws a hard sinker in the low 90s. He was acquired by the Phillies in the deal that sent Bobby Abreu to the Yankees, and has performed with mixed results since that time.

Originally a starter, he moved to the bullpen in 2009 — appearing 29 times as a reliever and making 8 starts. Of those 37 games, 35 came for Clearwater in the Florida State League (A). He pitched a total of 7 innings for AA Reading last year. He had two saves and pitched a shutout for Clearwater.

All told, his ERA last year was 3.73 over 89 IP, with 75 Ks, 29 BB, 4 HR and 79 H, for a 1.21 WHIP. You can see his complete stats here.

Hard to judge a guy based on his Single-A stats, but it looks like there’s some talent there. Enough to stick on the MLB roster all year, which he’ll need to do to remain a Dodger? We’ll see. The jump from A ball to MLB is pretty huge, but there’s very little risk involved here.



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