Kemp and Billingsley Avoid the Wrath of Ng

Matt Kemp (2 years) and Chad Billingsley (1 year) have agreed to contracts today, avoiding arbitration, according to MLBTR.

It’s hard to judge the contracts since no terms have been released, but I’m guessing that a lot more will be made out of this news than there really ought to be. Sure, it’s nice that we don’t have to go through arbitration hearings with these guys (especially in Billingsley’s case, because could you imagine what they’d say about his second half?), but it’s not like these guys were free agents about to leave LA¬†anyway.

Still, nice to get some cost certainty and avoid the contentious hearing, anyway. Let’s see if the same can be said for Ethier, Broxton, Sherrill, and the rest.