Vicente Padilla Returns

I’ve got about 3 minutes before a big important meeting here at work, but I wanted to get this up quickly since I just saw the official press release. Vicente Padilla is coming back on a one-year deal. No terms released as of yet, but how much could he really have received? Yes, he’s a jerk, yes he’s a psycho, but he’s also a pretty talented pitcher who gave the Dodgers some really important starts in the playoffs.

If we’re talking about $4-5m or so, I think that’s a great risk to take. Even if he turns into the next Milton Bradley, it’s not like you have $30m tied up with him. Besides, the one-year deal keeps him motivated. Based on what was left in the pitching market (and no, the Dodgers were not going to be Ben Sheets’ highest bidder), works for me.