It Could Be Worse, Dodger Fans

For months, we’ve been bemoaning the impact that the impending McCourt divorce is having on the team. We’ve been calling them “selfish”, “cheap”, or worse. Fans have been unhappy that Jamey Carroll seems to be the marquee acquisition of the winter, while other teams go out and get their Roy Halladays, John Lackeys, and Jason Bays. We’ve seen front office staff laid off, and we’ve seen elderly scouts have their salaries slashed.

We’re saying these things because the payroll is likely going to be “only”¬†around $95 million. No one expects them to spend like the Yankees, of course, but is it so wrong to think they could spend like the Cubs or Phillies?

We think these things about how spending “only” $95 million is akin to playing 25 minimum-salary rookies, and then we read things like this from Pirates owner Bob Nutting:

Q: So, your expectation remains that, if this group becomes competitive, you will be able to someday spend at the level of the Brewers and Reds?

A: I think that’s expected. I think it’s rational. I think it’s where Pittsburgh needs to be.

Dodger fans dream about spending like the Cubs do. Pirates fans, deep in the darkest sections of their dreams, harbor hopes of one day spending at the level of the Brewers and Reds.

It really is two worlds out there.


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