Reed Johnson Is Your New Backup Outfielder

Dylan Hernandez answers my question from yesterday by tweeting that Reed Johnson has passed his physical, making his deal with the Dodgers official. No terms announced, but the Chicago Tribune reported earlier that the deal would be for about $800k, which sounds about right to me.

As I said yesterday when the rumors first came down, I don’t mind Johnson as a gloveman for Manny who can also spot for Ethier against lefties. It just remains to be seen whether what Johnson brings to the table makes up for what could be seen as the questionable decision to add yet another righty bat.

In my search for more information on Johnson, I polled via Twitter two of my favorite bloggers from his previous teams, Toronto and the Cubs.


You should roll your eyes at everyone who’s going to love how scrappy he is despite the fact that he can’t hit RH pitching. Then you should point out that people only love him because he’s a white guy who plays like that.


indifferent. doesn’t hurt too much, doesn’t help at all. he’ll fall down making catches, which fans like.

Glowing endorsements? We’ll see.

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