Our First NRI Bites the Dust

And to no one’s surprise…

Brian Giles announced his retirement today. (via Dylan Hernandez)

This hardly comes out of the blue, as we’ve been hearing for about a week now that Giles’ knee just wasn’t allowing him to perform, which largely precipitated the signing of Garret Anderson. We haven’t seen Anderson play yet, but if he’s got anything left (and doesn’t totally embarrass himself in his experiment of trying to play 1B) he seems to have an excellent chance to make the team.

This also means that the post I wrote last week

I don’t think he’s got much of a shot to make the Opening Day roster, so in all likelihood his official line will never show that he played for the Dodgers, and it’ll be all but forgotten. Yet, this picture will always be out there, haunting us, proving that it almost happened.

…came true. It didn’t happen… yet it happened. Look over to the “Non Roster Invite” section on the right sidebar, and you’ll see the results of the most enjoyable <strike></strike> code a man has ever written.



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