Crisis Averted!

Normally the release of a non-roster middle infielder wouldn’t warrant its own blog post. But Angel Berroa is no normal player, which is why the news from Dodger Thoughts is so welcome:

Gurnick also notes that the Dodgers released shortstop Angel Berroa.

I have neither the time nor the space to recount my entire blogging history regarding Angel Berroa, but I encourage you to look through the archives and enjoy such gems as…

“Berroa is so bad that he might actually open a hole in the goddamn space-time continuum.”


“the so-bad-I-may-renounce-my-fandom-if-he-sticks Angel Berroa.”


“and Berroa, well, he’s basically the worst major leaguer in baseball history.”

And that’s only since he was signed this winter, much less when he played every day in 2008.  If you’re a real masochist, I’d start from the day he was acquired. Even better, he wasn’t just sent to minor-league camp, he was flat-out released. Hooray!

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