Jamie Hoffmann Returns From His Semester in NYC

And by “NYC”, I suppose I really just mean “Tampa”, don’t I? Via the wonderful world of Twitter we find out that OF Jamie Hoffmann, a Rule 5 pick by the Yankees, has cleared waivers and is on his way back to the Dodgers.

Not that this comes as any surprise, of course, since when he was lost in December I did note it in a post titled “Prediction: This is Not the Last We’ll See of Jamie Hoffmann“:

So, good for Hoffmann, I suppose, because he’ll get more of a shot to make the roster in New York than he would with the Dodgers in 2010. Kind of a confounding move from the Yankees, but five will get you ten that he gets offered back to the Dodgers at some point this year.

I’m guessing the .130/.259/.174 he put up in 11 spring games as a Yankee didn’t really help his case of sticking there. He’s got no shot of making the Dodgers, of course, as he’s yet another righty, but he’ll provide good depth as part of a decent AAA outfield with Xavier Paul and Jason Repko.

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