Opening Day Roster Fakeout

We’ve all been waiting for the club to announce the Opening Day roster, and just now the official press release arrived. I quickly scanned it, looking to see whether Nick Green or Russ Ortiz had made the cut.

And the answer is… neither. Cory Wade, of all people, is on the roster, despite having just undergone arm surgery. Obviously, Wade isn’t making the team, so what this really means is that they still haven’t decided between Green or Ortiz. The team was merely required to submit an initial roster today, but there’s no reason that they can’t make further moves – like putting Wade on the DL – before the game tomorrow.

If this all sounds familiar, it’s because the exact same thing happened last year, when the injured Claudio Vargas and Delwyn Young were merely placeholders for spots that eventually ended up going to Will Ohman and Doug Mientkiewicz.

So we wait until tomorrow for the real, final roster. The real question is, why is the decision between Green and Ortiz taking so long? It’s not there’s any more games for them to prove themselves in.

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