The Dodgers Are Doing it Backwards

Ah, you’re supposed to start your best pitcher first, right?

2010 Game Scores
Game 1: Padilla: 22
Game 2: Kershaw: 40
Game 3: Billingsley: 57
Game 4: Kuroda: 76

With his 8 scoreless innings last night, Kuroda is currently tied with Tim Lincecum for the 2nd highest Game Score of the young season. Since Jorge de la Rosa of Colorado has the top score, that means that the top 3 pitching performances are held by the NL West, which is impressive.

It’s too bad that Charlie Haeger isn’t pitching today, because by this logic he would throw 12 scoreless innings, allowing negative one hits and not even getting to a three-ball count. Unfortunately, Vicente Padilla gets another shot, so lets hope he doesn’t turn the clock back to game 1 again.

In better news: Hong-Chih Kuo may not need a rehab assignment and Ronald Belisario is apparently progressing well in Arizona. So we may be rid of the Russ Ortiz blight sooner than we think – and maybe even both Ortizes entirely.