Who Needs to Buy A Toaster For This?

Here’s the latest unneccessary baseball product:

Toast, that venerable staple of breakfast foods, has long been due for a makeover. Well friends, that time has come.

The delicate geniuses at Pangea Brands have come up with a way of combining your love of baseball with your love of toast. This coming May, Pangea will introduce their ProToast, a toaster that burns your favorite team’s logo into your toasted bread. The toasters are set to feature teams from the four major sports leagues, and will retail for $34.99…a relatively small price to pay if you’re a diehard fan.

That’s, right for just $34.99… you can stare at the Dodger logo burned into your toast. I’m not sure I see the point, though. If you want to look at toast with a Dodger logo on it, look no further than the bullpen, amirite? When are they going to make a toaster that will show this:

No, I don’t know why he ended up with no arms – not that he’s doing a whole hell of a lot with two arms right now. The perils of Photoshopping surreptitiously while at the office, I suppose. I’m still debating how best to show the “Ortiz-DFA-O-Meter”. They’re in a dead tie right now, but two needles seems like it’d look awkward.