Manny Takes a Breather

What is it with Manny and early season games against the Nationals? At least this time it’s a little more reasonable:

There’s a jersey in the Dodgers’ clubhouse for “Paul.” Looks like Xavier Paul has been called up and that Manny will be placed on the DL. (via dylanhernandez)

Not a huge surprise, since Manny has now missed time with the calf more than once in the last week or two, and probably a good move to make sure this doesn’t linger all season long. Besides, it’s not like the offense can’t get by without him, right? And now we can say he hit over .400 well into May.

As for Paul, I’ve always been a big fan, to the point where I wanted him to be 4th outfielder over either Garret Anderson or Reed Johnson. He already had nothing left to prove in the minors last year other than health, after his staph infection and ankle injury. He’s off to a hot start this year in ABQ, hitting .361/.409/.574 with 3 homers down in AAA. This adds another lefty bat to the bench, but more importantly it signfigantly upgrades the outfield defense. Paul probably won’t get many (any?) starts, but he should be seeing plenty of time in the late innings, spotting for Anderson or Andre Ethier.



  1. [...] what happened when Paul actually was up, we saw him three separate times. He came up in late April when Manny made his first DL trip, getting on base ten times in six starts until being sent back down in early May while being told [...]