Game Offfff

“Car! Car! Game Off!”

Due to the lousy weather here in New York, tonight’s game has been called, making what was already a messy situation for the Dodgers even messier. There’s now a doubleheader tomorrow, starting at 4:10p EST/1:10p PST. Which means the game I’m going to tomorrow night probably doesn’t start until like 8. Great!

Tonight’s starter, Hiroki Kuroda, will start one of tomorrow’s games (probably the first, but we’ll see.) With no replacement announced yet for Vicente Padilla’s Tuesday start, I’d been terrified that I’d have to go to the park and see Josh Towers. Now, the good news is that TBLA did a little sleuthing and they think it’d be John Ely, which is great. My question is, though, how do we not know this yet? Albuquerque is hardly close to New York City, so if someone’s beeing imported to start tomorrow, you’d think they’d already be on the way.

If it’s not Ely, then your options are slim. You could bring Charlie Haeger back on three days rest to pair with Kuroda, though that leaves you short for Wednesday’s game, as that’s his turn. Actually, what might make the most sense is to start Haeger tomorrow, and then start Ely on Wednesday instead. That way you can keep Jon Link (or Ramon Ortiz, or whomever is getting sent down for Ely) active for two of the next three games, rather than just one. There’s been some talk of starting Carlos Monasterios instead of making a roster move, but I just can’t see that happening. Not only do I not think Joe Torre would start a Rule 5 pick under any circumstances, it also puts you in a terrible situation should any of the thre starters (Kuroda/Haeger/Monasterios) not go deep into the game, because who are you going to bring in? At least if you go with Ely, you can have Monasterios ready to go a few innings.

Speaking of Padilla, the news isn’t good. Molly Knight has the scary update:

Vincente Padilla on his arm: “In the past I’ve been able to throw through this, but I can’t even do that. Never had pain this bad before.”

This jives exactly with what Chad said at Memories of Kevin Malone just yesterday:

-Am I the only one who doesn’t think Padilla’s injury is just a forearm strain?  Seems to me that “forearm strain” is always medical spin for “elbow sprain” which is spin for “slight elbow tear”.  I hope not, as he was starting to pitch much better and the Dodgers need arms.

Let’s be clear here: this is just speculation. There’s no solid word on Padilla’s injury just yet, so let’s not overreact. It’s just worth nothing that Chad’s totally right – that injuries that mention “forearm” often do end up being code for something far, worse, and when Padilla’s saying he’s “never had pain this bad before” – and remember, this is a guy who was shot just a few months ago - that almost certainly can’t be a good sign.

Stay tuned, friends. The next 36 hours could see 3 games and some big news.

Update: Dylan Hernandez reports that Kuroda will start Game 1 and Haeger will indeed go on 3 days rest for Game 2. No word yet on Wednesday, but this seems like the right move. It gives Ely (if it is him) another day to get to NYC, and allows the club to keep that extra reliever as long as possible.

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